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The Real Tucson Gems: My Snow Angels

From the time I was six, I was fascinated with shiny rocks. My mom got me a rock tumbler for my birthday and I spent the days gathering rocks along the creek bed that I would take home and pour … Continue reading

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The Law of Reciprocity

I’m studying Thomas Troward’s Edinburgh and Dore Lectures right now. He’s one wordy dude from beyond the pond in the 1870ish time period. I’ve had a bit of resistance to him because (1) he was an English judge and has that annoying … Continue reading

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Attitude is Everything

Last week I traveled to Tucson, Arizona to celebrate my oldest son’s 27th birthday. Getting to Tucson–or anywhere–is not as easy as when we lived 15 minutes from LAX.  Currently, we live in a po-dunk town with an even po-dunker … Continue reading

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