wishI was walking through the forest today and saw this big wish maker. The forest, with its light and its magical sounds and smells, holds up a symbol of hope as if to say, “Here. Just blow”

It reminded me about when I was small. I had such certainty then about wishes I made while blowing Dandelion fluff into the wind. I knew, if every last white piece let go, I would without question get my wish.

As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that it’s in the intention more than the blowing. But the handshake with nature seals the deal. It can also clarify the wish. Just being amongst the ferns reminds me no problem is too big and no “next” moment is so important that the current one can’t be enjoyed.

fernsAs I walked by ferns, I thought about how delicate and yet how sturdy they are. It’s a good way to be, I suppose. Graceful and resilient. As I stared up at the tall evergreens reaching for the sky, I thought about that was also a great example of how to be in the world: grounded, rooted in the earth, yet reaching for the sky more and more each day.

And so back to the wish. I think about what wish I would make if I could definitely have it. No sooner do I think that than I remember that I can. I just need to clearly set my intention. And when I say clearly, I mean decide specifically and exactly what I want. I need to decide with the equal fervor I would need to blow off every wisp of Dandelion fluff.

That way, the Universe can see the wisps floating by and respond accordingly.


About jamieweilhealthcoach

I'm on a mind-body-spirit journey. At first, I thought health was about the physical body, but I'm discovering it's so much more than that. I've learned that it's more about serving and connecting with others than anything else. It's about being in the world in a blissful way. Before I blog, I meditate on what my readers need to hear--what will inspire them. Then, I write it. (www.getstrongblog.com)
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3 Responses to Wishes

  1. Beth Hull says:

    Beautiful, Jamie! I love this.

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