Love Your Body

feet1 (1)We are trained by Hollywood to think bodies should be a certain way. At the Getty Museum in LA, there is a magazine cover with Brittany Spears showing how she looked when the picture was taken. Written in black ink all around her sprawled out body are numerous comments that lay out what needed to be airbrushed before publication. It looks like the pen exploded on the page. Everything is marked–from highlights in her hair down the entire length of her body.

Why this emphasis on changing an already beautiful girl to some preconceived idea of perfection? Simply put, we buy the magazines. The media, in turn, thinks that’s what we want. Models get thinner because more people buy. It reflects the mass idea of what is attractive. Mannequins follow. And pretty soon, we have skinny Minnie Mouse and mannequins with super thin bodies and no faces. We can blame the media, the corporations, the Man, but they are just responding to their bottom line: what drives profit.

It’s a vicious cycle not to be solved in this blog entry. But there is an action item here for you.


That means your hammer toes, your too-small boobs, your too-big boobs, your too saggy butt, your teeth, your hair, etc. Your body works hard for you. It gets you from A to B. It lets you play, and move, and create. It deserves your respect and love. Give it love, not criticism.

Sometimes it’s easier to remember this when it breaks down. For example, if for some reason you can’t use your right hand suddenly you remember how much you depend on your right hand. You tell yourself you’ll never take it for granted again if it just gets better.

But when everything’s working, just like with our cars, we forget how truly miraculous we are. So let me remind you. You are unique. You are beautiful. Give yourself some Valentine’s Day love and treat that body like the beautiful body it is.

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” Buddha

About @jamieweil

Parent, teacher, writer, filmmaker, youth mental health advocate. Passionate about having new conversations surrounding youth mental/brain illness and suicide awareness. Author of YA novel, First Break, released Wednesday, October 10, 2018, World Mental Health Day. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and available for request through your local bookstore. New YA Novel, Intuition, to be released Summer 2019 ( Concurrently producing the groundbreaking docuseries A Crazy Thought, a sharing of hope and help from the voice of a parent and teacher ( Working with award-winning female filmmakers to bring about a new conversation in youth mental health.
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8 Responses to Love Your Body

  1. kerrypeachey says:

    Awesome and thank you.

    Kerry Katherine Enright Articulate Integrity 415-260-0578 mobile

    Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos…!

  2. Lois Sepahban says:

    I love this post, Jamie!!


  3. Sharkie Zartman says:

    This is awesome Jamie! Thanks for the reminder. Sharkie


  4. Professions for PEACE says:

    This is excellent Jamie! And I adore your concluding quote from Buddha ~ it is an incredible reminder… to treat ourselves with CARE. Love that! Thank you for another fantastic post! You always get me feeling inspired and that is deeply appreciated 😀 Love and Hugs, Gina

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