What’s missing? You!

526053_272599449526849_899417650_nYou know how when you do something every day it becomes a habit? The exact number of days is often debated, but I’m going to throw out 30. When you break that 30 day habit, it feels weird–like something’s missing. From October 30th to December 31, I  blogged each day as promised. Last week, that daily ritual came to a close as the time period ended. Then what?

For my clients, I send a Thursday Update. I wondered if I should write weekly like that? It seemed like so little after every day. I also have a writing blog which I update quite erratically, and I wanted to set that into a more dependable format. While I worked out these details, I paused. An organizing hiatus, if you will.

And I kept thinking, “Something’s missing.”

I started having people tell me they missed my daily musings and I realized, “That’s it! I miss my readers.”

I once had a friend tell me that’s how you know a writer: writers love you to read their stuff and non-writers dread you reading their stuff. I love to know I’m connecting with you–that I might write a word or two that inspires you and makes your life better along the way.  That gives me joy.

Er go I’m happy to be back with “Monday Musings on Health.” (Catch me on “Wednesday Writes” if you are interested in following along the publishing journey of my debut young adult novel, First Break, a story about coming of age in the vortex of a psychotic break: http://jamieweil.net/writing-matters-blog/) I don’t know why I feel the need to alliterate, but I do, so thanks for playing along.

Here’s to defining the habits that sustain us in 2013. I say we surround ourselves with people that lift us up, that make us better people, that keep us happy and healthy. Thanks for being that for me.

About @jamieweil

Parent, teacher, writer, filmmaker, youth mental health advocate. Passionate about having new conversations surrounding youth mental/brain illness and suicide awareness. Author of YA novel, First Break, released Wednesday, October 10, 2018, World Mental Health Day. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and available for request through your local bookstore. New YA Novel, Intuition, to be released Summer 2019 (www.jamieweil.net). Concurrently producing the groundbreaking docuseries A Crazy Thought, a sharing of hope and help from the voice of a parent and teacher (www.acrazythought.com). Working with award-winning female filmmakers to bring about a new conversation in youth mental health.
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4 Responses to What’s missing? You!

  1. Janet says:

    I for one missed finding your daily gem in my Inbox.

  2. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Well you are definitely a writer and I adore reading your stuff 🙂 Thank you for sharing this lovely post. And the image is incredible! Did you make that art? I love it.
    All the best, and looking forward to more of your posts. Hugs, Gina

    • jamieweilhealthcoach says:

      Thanks so much, Gina, and I, yours. I love this image, too, but did not make the art. I think I found it on Pinterest, which is my time-suck indulgence. I get so enthralled with the pretty pictures. Happy 2013! Hugs, Jamie

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