Happy Hallow-lean!

It’s that time again. Eight pound bags of mini-snickers fill the Sunday ads. I used to think I needed to buy that candy early so it would be fresher. Of course, it was usually gone by the big day. Aww, the lies we tell ourselves.

That was then. I am happy to say that at this point in my life I have been able to reframe the holiday seasons, making them about connecting and people instead of food as superstar. I try to think about what I appreciate about traditions and, while I suppose these pumpkins could be food, to me they represent the cycle of the year…seeds planted last spring, growth through the summer and now these orange beauties welcoming visitors past the threshhold.

So as we enter into the last week of October, I challenge you to make your health your focus. Be mindful of eating to live, not living to eat. Food is just fuel so treat it like that. Keep your tank full by eating small meals every three hours. Focus on the fun of living, enjoying the season, and make it about connecting with others instead of connecting with candy.


About jamieweilhealthcoach

I'm on a mind-body-spirit journey. At first, I thought health was about the physical body, but I'm discovering it's so much more than that. I've learned that it's more about serving and connecting with others than anything else. It's about being in the world in a blissful way. Before I blog, I meditate on what my readers need to hear--what will inspire them. Then, I write it. (www.getstrongblog.com)
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