When your “why” is bigger than your “but”?

Motivation. What is it? Where do you find some when your go is gone? When your “why” is bigger than your “but”, that’s where.

I want to get healthy BUT I don’t want to give up dessert after dinner.
I want to lose weight, BUT I don’t want to give up chocolate chip cookies.

So how do you get your “why” bigger? You reframe your emphasis. Don’t think about what you’re against (like giving up cookies–or frothy coffee drinks or cocktails or…) think about what you’re for (like reaching a healthy weight and staying there or like hitting your optimal health mark).

Let me give you an example. When I discovered TSFL, I was not looking for it. In fact, I was dodging all talks of weight loss because I didn’t have the energy to go down that road and quite frankly I’d rather obsess on brie. (My but/t was definitely bigger than my why.)

But when I finally caved and got on board, after the first week I felt so hopeful and empowered, my “why” started to grow. And it got bigger, and bigger, until finally, it outgrew my but/t. My “why” became about doing things like ziplining which I never would have done before because it involved a scale and not even my husband knew my weight. It involved educating myself on how to STAY at a healthy weight and help others reach their goal weights and stay there. Seeing myself and others at the healthiest weight made my why  ginormous.

Is your “why” bigger than your “but/t”?

About @jamieweil

Parent, teacher, writer, filmmaker, youth mental health advocate. Passionate about having new conversations surrounding youth mental/brain illness and suicide awareness. Author of YA novel, First Break, released Wednesday, October 10, 2018, World Mental Health Day. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and available for request through your local bookstore. New YA Novel, Intuition, to be released Summer 2019 (www.jamieweil.net). Concurrently producing the groundbreaking docuseries A Crazy Thought, a sharing of hope and help from the voice of a parent and teacher (www.acrazythought.com). Working with award-winning female filmmakers to bring about a new conversation in youth mental health.
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4 Responses to When your “why” is bigger than your “but”?

  1. Beth Hull says:

    What a great kick in the pants! (Get it?) I’m looking forward to losing my pregnancy weight faster this time around, and my WHY is a big one – I want to have more energy for chasing around & playing with my three-year-old, and for snuggling with my new little one.

  2. jamieweilhealthcoach says:

    And going…and going..and going…and going!

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