I’ve always loved to dance. Salsa, hula, country, hip-hop, bellydancing, any kind of swing–I even took a pole dancing class one time in Hermosa Beach. During my undergrad years at UCLA, I had a stint with a professional dance company that left me committing to myself to never let dance slip out of my life.

Enter Zumba. Not only do I get to incorporate many of the Latin dances with hip-hop, I get to wear “butt jingle scarves” in pretty colors that make me feel like the entertainment at a Moroccan restaurant (minus the dollars in my outfit.) When I shake, the silver coins make this jingle-jangle that makes my heart smile. I know this for sure: I can’t possibly be grumpy and do Zumba. It’s just not possible.

The Latin/hip hop song compilation which varies according to teacher is varied and creative and reminds me of the many hours I spent in the Spanish lab at Powell Library listening to Spanish music for my language lab credit. Even if you don’t know a lick of Spanish, you pick up words: corazon, mi amor, and of course, boom, boom, boom, boom. It’s just happy music. And where else can you vibe to Ricky Martin these days?

Best thing is you don’t have to come knowing moves. You pick them up as you go and if you don’t, you just move anyway. Nobody cares. In fact, I’d like to do away with mirrors and the lights and have Zumba in the dark, but I realize following the instructor may be difficult that way. Maybe a glow suit or something for the instructor?

Zumba not your thing? Find something that ignites your passion, makes you smile…something that you decide you never want to stop because when you do it, you just can’t help but smile.

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!


About jamieweilhealthcoach

I'm on a mind-body-spirit journey. At first, I thought health was about the physical body, but I'm discovering it's so much more than that. I've learned that it's more about serving and connecting with others than anything else. It's about being in the world in a blissful way. Before I blog, I meditate on what my readers need to hear--what will inspire them. Then, I write it. (www.getstrongblog.com)
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One Response to Zumba-nators!

  1. Linda Boyden says:

    Love the blog, friend! Love the zumba concept. Hope to someday be able to join the boom, boom, boom!

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